Feasibility Study

feasibility study


Choosing an architect isn’t easy.  You need the right architect who has the specific skill for your duplex project and there is a right ‘fit’ between you and your architect.  In our experience the best way of finding out whether we are the right ‘fit’ is to fully understand what you are looking for; and this is achieved through our initial consultation session. If for some reason, we then discover that we are not an ideal ‘fit’ then you are free to take your Feasibility Report to another designer for them to continue the process. 

 When considering Building or Renovating, the Initial Consultation with Root Architecture and Development is the first step. Here is what to expect…  

  • We will visit the site and listen to your needs and desires for your project
  • We will review comparative plans and discuss  massing options
  • We will discuss ‘look and feel’ of a potential scheme 
  • We will discuss the planning viability and potential issue of the project and your ideas 
  • We will discuss and outline current comparative construction costing for budget usage 
  • We will review solar orientation, prominent weather patterns, fire resilience and other potential site issues 
  • We will outline the current requirements for Zoning and Building Regulations relative to your site. 
  • We will produce a concept site plan and floor plan for review.
  • All travel and stay cost included.  
  • You will obtain a registered architect’s and licensed general contractor’s opinion on the feasibility of the project.   
  • You will receive a detailed Report includes the above listed items, with a complete schedule of services , with a completed  fee proposal including all recommend sub-consultants and engineer for you to move forward on the next stages of your project with confidence 
  • Consultation cost credited to account on progression to next stage. A doctor wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis; this initial consultation works in the same way. This initial consultation starts a strategy designed to precisely understand your requirements, then to give findings and recommendations and a plan to move forward with a timeline and budget.