We believe in making the world a more beautiful place to live and work.

We believe architecture is a human experience, and that the relationships and creative processes are as important as the end projects.

We believe that design should take ROOT from the essence of a place and then merge with the landscape to define the form the architecture takes.  The form should be molded by the light, materials, and function of the space.

We believe that God speaks through His creation and that when architecture is ROOTed to nature we feel more alive in the places we live, work, and play.

We believe that Architecture is not a singular, lone process when it is done best.  Like the ROOTs of large Aspen groves, the architect’s role is to gather and pull insight from a variety of resources to “grow” natural, artistic structures.  Clients, communities, craftsmen and nature itself — all contribute to the goals and streams of information resulting in the most beautiful places  to live our lives.

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