I am the Vice President of a large non-profit organization. We do construction projects across the country as well as around the world. I say this to make the point that our organization has worked with many professionals in architecture and construction over the years. Without hesitation, Root Architecture and their leader Zeke Freeman are the best I have ever worked with. Both in quality of work and responsiveness, they stand above all others!

- Keith O'Neil

Zeke does exceptional work. He has an amazing eye for creativity and he is a great architect if you need someone to think outside the box. To say the design of my home is award winning is an understatement. He did a fantastic job! 

-Brandon Gill

As part of a General Contractor company, I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to know and working with Root Architecture on a professional level for over a year. That has given me a front row seat to how they operate both, as a company and as individuals. Nothing could speak more highly to my regard for Zeke Freeman, Seth Donnell and everybody at Root than my decision to hire them at the time of choosing an architectural firm to design my own new home. Choosing an architect is never easy and, when building a home, that could not be a truer statement. We are effectively asking someone to read our minds and hearts and translate them into a building that will represent and speak to both. That is the sweet spot where a building stops being a building and becomes a home. I had dreamed of building my own home for two decades and, being in the construction industry myself, i thought I knew exactly what I wanted and what it should look like. Root took the time to get to know and understand me, my life, the needs the house should meet and that ideal in my head and they not only embraced it but elevated it to deliver a design I can wholeheartedly say represents my dream home. I have nothing but gratitude and I could not imagine going on this journey with anyone else.

-Ceci Veccia