What things should you consider when choosing an Architect?


An Architect can take on several key roles throughout the construction process – so you should be aware of the these different aspects. While generally hired to draft and design plans for complex projects, they are also capable of taking on other responsibilities during the planning and construction process, particularly project management.

Architects are experts in using space efficiently and creatively, knowing what materials are the most economical, and distinguishing which design choices work and which don’t. An architect will advise how to get the most natural lighting, how to achieve maximum storage space, where to place appliances in a kitchen to make it easiest to navigate, and much more.

A good Architect will help to avoid building code violations, eliminating potential problems ahead of the build. This can streamline the whole process, saving a great deal of time during a home’s planning and construction.


Some services an architect can provide include: 

  • Drafting plans: For any construction project, a building permit is required to gain legal permission to begin construction. As part of the application, a building plan must be submitted along with other materials. The architect should draft the plan in a clear and professional manner that communicates the design coherently to the city officials reviewing the plan, as well as engineers,contractors, and inspectors, helping to streamline and expedite the permitting process.
  • Making the space uniquely suit you: The ideal Architect is well versed in using spaces creatively and making the best of your chosen location. This collaboration process with the owner results is the best combination of function and style that matches your personality and needs.
  • Fixture and Finish Recommendation: Most Architects are also well-versed in choosing lights, carpets, cabinets, appliances, paint, and more to go with the design of your home. By leveraging the Architect’s experience and past design projects, you can get some very strong influences that make your new home look amazing.
  • Meeting city codes and requirements: A contracted architect should  make sure the design adheres to your city codes and standards. Depending on the type of submission, they can prepare much of the paperwork needed, which can save you a lot of frustration and money.
  • Architects, Engineers, and Contractors working together: Constructing a home is a team effort, and many architects have experience communicating with other specialized professionals to ensure the smooth running of a project. Communication and coordination is key.

Not every architect will necessarily offer all of these services. As a result, during your interview, it is important to make sure which services are included, examine examples of prior work, consider their experience in the field, and make sure their style and look are in line with your vision.


How to find the right architect for you

It is very important for you and your chosen architect to be comfortable with each other – you will be spending quite a bit of time working together during your project – it really is a commitment.  Be sure to ask the right questions during the hiring interview with a potential architect – it is a very important decision that will affect your project long term.

Some topics you should cover include:

  • Availability: How many other projects is the Architect working during your project timeline? Do they have room in their workload for your project? Do they have a team to help support them during the process?
  • Case Studies and References: Be sure to review their portfolio – look at their past projects, and examples of their work. Ask for client references that can attest to their performance and ability.
  • Are they a Team Player? Learn about some of the engineers, and contractors that they have worked with in the past. Make sure they play well with others.
  • A Well Defined Design process: Clarification and communication are paramount. Have them describe the documented process – how the workload is divided, the timeframes suggested, and the milestones for review during the process. Also discuss how if the need for changes is discovered during your project, how do they deal with them?
  • The overall cost – How is it determined: One of the important questions is how an architect calculates the billing for a project. Is it an hourly rate, a percentage of the total project cost, or a flat fee? What happens to their fees when changes to the project scope are made?  You need to know what to expect, so that you can budget appropriately and not be unpleasantly surprised in the middle of your project.


At Root Architecture and Development,  we are passionate about designing beautiful authentic homes. An authentic home is the stage where you’ll watch your children take their first step, it is the place where you’ll sip that first cup of coffee each day as you prepare to take on the world, It is your sanctuary, for most of us it is the largest investment we will make in our life time. We take this responsibility seriously.

We are professional, licensed, Architects and Builders that approach building different than most. We see each of our clients as partners to create the highest value, beautiful home within the budget in place. We strive to inform, guide and bring clarity to the design and construction process. Helping you build your authentic home is our life work and if we can ever serve you it would be our deep honor to help lay the blueprints or manage the construction for your dreams.

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Helping you build your authentic home is our life work and if we can ever serve you it would be our deep honor to help lay the blueprints or manage the construction for your dreams.

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