5 Reasons Why Buyers Are Turning To Urban Town homes For A More Vibrant and Green Lifestyle

We have been interested in urban in fill and town home living for many years. Recently we have seen a boom in Denver for this type of living. We believe there are many market forces contributing to this including Denver’s rapid population growth, interest rates, and pent up demand. But we also believe there is an underlying mind shift in today consumers that are looking for a higher quality, more centralized, vibrant and green lifestyle. Below is our list of 5 reasons why more buyers are turning to urban in fill and town home living.

1. Urban Town homes are built in developed neighborhoods near cafe’s, shops, and vibrant city living. Activities, work and urban living are at the ease of your fingertip through short commutes, bike rides and public transit. This not only gives buyers more time to spend doing what they love but, also decreases the carbon footprint with less commuting and less fossil fuels being burned.

2. Urban town homes are built over time in a selective manner. Urban in fill development occurs on empty urban lots or replaces older decaying homes. This process helps to keep a neighborhoods value up and the overall neighborhood quality tends to improve and follow suit in areas with new development occurring. Neighborhoods with urban in fill occurring tends to happen over time. This creates rich character and reflects different architectural styles of various time periods and builders. This is a sharp contrast to greenfield development in suburban neighborhoods where large tracks of land and homes are developed and built in a relatively short time period by a small number of designers and builders. Developments in these areas can often use up large tracks of open space, and wildlife habitat. This can also increases the demand on new infrastructure and natural recourses. The repetitive architectural style often end up feeling bland and uninspired.

3. The energy efficiency and quality of new construction of urban in fill town homes is far superior to the older homes being replaced. The new construction is built with much higher insulation values and with a much tighter air and moisture penetration envelope. Modern construction can achieve better daylight with higher insulated windows and carefully designed shading devices. The technological control systems being used in todays homes continue to improve our lives and energy efficiency in every area from remote HVAC system controls, to sensor lights, ipad controlled surround sound, lighting, shades, and security systems.

4. Urban Town homes require less maintenance, water use and electrical use per sf than older homes. Not to mention they can be beautiful, comfortable and filled with light. Town homes tend to have smaller yards for less maintenance but, bigger decks and views for more outdoor living and time to enjoy your life and home.

5. Urban town homes represent a lifestyle change where the quality of space is rated above the quantity of space. The money that is often poured into bigger square footage is being put into better design, thoughtful storage, better building quality and finishes, state of the art building controls and more central locations. We are achieving better functionality, higher quality of living and most importantly improving peoples lives. Let us know if we can help you design, build or buy your next urban townhome.

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