Going the Distance – 50k in Indian Creek

On a more personal note I decided to get back on my feet and start running again this year. In 2012 we purchased a cabin in Indian Hills in large part to be closer to the outdoors and foothills trails (given this is where we spent all our playing time anyway). I spent most of 2012 building an addition and renovating the home. 2012, 2013, and 2014 have been mostly consumed getting my business up out of the ground, by the summer of 2014 I’d barely stepped foot on the trails I’d come here for in the first place. So in August this year I decided I’m never going to get the time so I’m just going to have to make it. Since I know I would procrastinate to train anyway, I decided to go ahead sign up for the longest run I’ve ever done and only give myself 2 months to train. I must say it was painful but, it was glorious. I’ve gone for long runs every weekend since August and have felt more alive than I have in many years. I’ve committed in 2015 to make this a lifestyle so come join me or look for us on the trails this year. My advice for anyone waiting on there dreams for when they have time, is to quit waiting get off your butt and make it happen now because your never going to have the time tomorrow!

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