Why Denver Rocks and My Top 3 Reasons Why People Keep Moving Here.


Denver has been named the #1 City in America to live in by USNews.

The population has swollen rapidly. Official statistics show that 100,000 extra people moved to Colorado just in 2015 and this rate of growth is predicted to continue through 2016.

The bulk of the newcomers to Denver are Millennials (aged 18-35) and they’re mostly from out-of-state. These people now make up around 16% of the total population of the city.

Jobs growth has been steady at around 3% per year – and its been particularly strong in the tech and finance industries.

Denver has also been promoting its image of being a place with a great lifestyle balance. It’s clearly paid off.

So it’s no coincidence that the past five years have seen a boom here. By that’s not why Denver Rocks and why I think people keep moving here.

In my opinion Health and Lifestyle are at the heart of this change. In this blog, I’m going to look at 3 reasons why so many people are choosing to move into Denver over the rest of the country.


Reason 1: Walkable neighbourhoods

Denvers Central and NW quadrant hold the some of the most walkable communities in the country.  To grab a coffee, go to the grocery store or dine out, all you need to do is walk a few minutes and you’re in the mix.

It’s no surprise then that these areas have been hot spots of growth in the past couple of years – neighborhoods like RiNo, Sunnyside, Berkley, Highlands and Jefferson Park.

For the Millennials and Downsizers moving into the city, being able to walk around the neighbourhood they live in is much more important than it was for past generations. They don’t want to use their car if its not necessary. They’re attracted to the convenience and neighborly feel of having social activity nearby.

Other parts of the city have pockets or ‘islands’ of walkable areas. These areas don’t support a walkable lifestyle as easily. However, it will only take a collection of new developments in these areas to create a hub. Then these areas could be the next frontier of renewal in the city.

To see a map showing how walkable neighborhoods in Denver are, click the link below:



Reason 2: Hiking and Biking Trails

Good access to health facilities and exercise feature highly in the desires of those “moving-in”. Our 85 miles of paved trails and hundreds more miles of dirt trails offer a chance to get out of the busy city and head out on an adventure.

Even better, these trails connect to attractions like Cherry Creek Shopping District and Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Park – giving locals a convenient and enjoyable way to spend their weekend leisure time.

Denver’s bike sharing system, Denver B-cycle has given everyone an easy, cheap and fun way to get around the city.

If that wasn’t enough look at the image below and guess what you have right behind a vibrant urban core… That’s right thousands of pristine single track and off road trails throughout the Foothills and beyond.



Reason 3: Restaurants and Local markets

Denver has a strong and growing food scene. Cuisines from around the world are represented and more restaurants are opening all the time. These have become centers for socializing after work and for family nights out. They add energy and life to the streets, creating an exciting and attractive atmosphere.

Team this up with Denver’s Local Markets and you have a winning combination. The award winning Cherry Creek Fresh Market has the biggest farmers market in Denver, but its by no means the only one. Try the Farmers Market at Highlands Square or on 15th & Boulder St.

Markets are springing up across the city and they’re now opening beyond the usual weekend hours. Every foodie (or hungry visitor) has a whole host of fresh produce and cooked foods to excite the senses.


Health, Convenience and Life

Healthy choices, convenience and interesting social activities are at the core of what’s attracting incomers to Denver and it’s rapidly expanding neighborhoods. Keep these in mind when you’re thinking about your next building project.

For builders and developers, seeking out where these fundamentals are strong could give you the edge for finding the next big growth area before opportunity is crowded out.

For those hoping to build their own home, think about how important access to each of these lifestyle elements is to you and your family. Creating a list of what you’d like close by can make finding the right neighborhood a lot easier.


Useful links


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Denver B-Cycle – https://denver.bcycle.com


Larry Johnson “Denver Skyline at Sunset”

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