Taking the high road to build better communities..

Root is excited to see Phase-1 of this Highlands Square renovation get underway. We have been working for almost 6-months with developer Phil Sustronk, Ghost Historic Landmark Districts, numerous fellow neighbors, and the City of Denver Planning and Zoning to set the pathway for this exciting new project. After meeting with landmark and neighborhood association there was overwhelming support to have us renovate the existing historic home and build a custom single family home on the empty side lot versus tearing down or adding on to the existing structure. The problem was the lot was currently a few feet shy of allowing for a legal zone lot split and required going through a 4 month Board of Adjustment and public hearing process. Developer Phil Sustronk, had a strong desire to develop “the right way” and choose to take the long road to build a better and lasting project with the community input. This was a big risk but, with the zone lots now approved this should pay off with happy neighbors and a better long run financial return.

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