The Root Family Launches Tree House Ministries

It has always been Roots desire to give back to the communities and neighborhoods we do work in. We would like to invite our Friends, Colleagues and Suppliers to join us on March 21 to help give back.

Keira is a 6 year old spinal patient who has touched the hearts of many. We will be designing and building a tree house for Keira this spring. Your can learn more about Kierra, her condition and family on her Mothers blog at

It’s our desire to share this opportunity to help Kierra with our community and would like to give the opportunity for 10 people to become angel sponsors for $100 each to help build Kierra’s Treehouse and be featured in our next month’s newsletter. We will also be looking for 10 Volunteers to join us on March 21 for a great day of BBQ and Building! Please send me a quick email at If you would like to join us.


sign up at to become one of Kiera’s angel funders.

(Any additional funds will go to the family to help pay for medical bills)

Click here to read our February 2015 newsletter!

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